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Part # : BNF6
Manufacturer SKU : GF-UR-6
Brand : Corning Gilbert
Warranty : Limited Lifetime Lin Haw Warranty

The UltraShield™ is designed with Corning Gilbert’s proprietary grounding control technology to mitigate electrical impairments common to drop cable plants.

As often seen in the field, an “F” connector’s performance can be compromised when subscribers move or change out equipment and fail to reconnect interfaces properly. Loose “F” connectors, inconjunction with any movement at the interface, temperature, humidity and/or subsequent oxidation, can cause high ground resistance/low signal levels. This results in intermittent signals and noise, creating snowy video or pixilation and reduced shielding, among other issues. The integralgrounding control feature provides protection even when the coupling nut is only partially threaded to the mating connector.

The UltraShield™ compression connector series combines ease of installation over a wide range of cable braid coverage with superior performance features. The standard UltraShield connector comes with an extended hex nut. Two optional external configurations are available: 1) all metal hex knurl; and 2) an integrated seal ring. Both versions are designed to tighten with a standard 7/16” wrench.


- Designed with proprietary grounding control technology
- Blocks RF ingress and egress
- Uses standard compression tools
- 360º radial compression
- Full metal exterior
- Integrated thread starting guide
- One step 1/4 x 1/4 cable preparation
* knurl hex nut

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